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VN Video Editor is a very popular and free video editor application for all Android users. You can import videos, trim, paste, adjust speed, brightness, apply effects, animations, text, filters, stickers, and more.

In recent years, there has been a surge in video content creation on various social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Several video editing applications are available in the market to cater to the needs of these content creators. One such application is VN Video Edito

There are a lot of video editing applications available for Android devices, so choosing the best one can be difficult. Right? You can edit videos using a variety of video editor applications available on the Play Store. However, most of video editor apps are not good and provide very limited features. A few of them provide such amazing and useful options and tools as VN Video Editor Mod Apk.

 App NameVN Video Editor
 Latest Version2.0.7
 MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
 Get it OnGoogle Play

Vn Video Editor Mod Apk

The interface of this app is very user-friendly, and you can easily import all media files from your device’s gallery. After that, you can edit and create professional videos using its flexible timeline. Here, you can cut, paste, adjust video speed, apply stunning effects, filters, and more. Several advanced features are also available, including Chroma Key, Keyframe Animations, Masks, etc.

Here is the download link for VN Video Editor Pro MOD APK with all the unlocked features. It is possible, for example, to export high-definition videos without a watermark. The best features of the program are also covered in detail. So, if you are interested in downloading, then let’s start.


What Is VN Video Editor MOD APK?

VN Video Editor Mod Apk is a powerful, feature-rich, and advanced video editor. The modified application is pro-unlocked and allows all users to use pro features. Making videos like a pro is made easy with handy editing tools and pre-made templates. This app has an easy-to-use interface suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can easily use all its pro unlocked features on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Why Use Vn Video Editor Apk?

There are several reasons why VN Video Editor is a popular video editing application. Firstly, it is easy to use, and even beginners can create professional-looking videos with it. Secondly, the application offers a range of editing tools that allow users to customize their videos as per their requirements. Lastly, the application offers various features that are not available in other video editing applications.

Best Features of VN MOD APK

As you may know, VN has many helpful editing features and its Mod Apk allows users to use many options. If you are planning to install and use this app, then you should know what features it offers. Therefore, we decided to discuss all of the app’s best features in detail. Here it is.

  • Use Multi-Layer Timeline
  • Chroma Key on Green Screen
  • Use Keyframe Animation on Video
  • Pre-Made Video Templates and Effects
  • Add Music, Customize Background Music, and Voice Over
  • Advanced Subtitle Tool
  • Use Text in Different Fonts and Colors
  • Apply Filters, Stickers, Emojis
  • Share your Project
  • Export Video without Watermark
  • No Ads on App Interface

Use Multi-Layer Timeline

A timeline is one of the most important features of any video editor application. Therefore, having a multi-layer timeline in the video editor is very important, and VN already provides one. The position of all media files, such as videos, photos, stickers, and music, needs to be adjusted at this point. Make sure you

Place all media files in the right place before you make the video. It is easy to trim, paste, apply effects, drag, duplicate, and paste videos in the timeline.

The editing tools and options are located below the timeline. You can easily edit any pre-made template, apply filters, adjust the video speed, split, trim, or use FX, Crop, Reverse, and a lot more. You can also zoom in and out to edit the video accurately. The program offers you a complete set of free options, including a multi-layer timeline.

Chroma Key on Green Screen

A very powerful tool for removing backgrounds from videos, Chroma Key is an excellent solution. You can make professional videos using the green screen and chroma key on your device. This tool is already available in VN for removing video backgrounds.

Using this Chroma Key, you can remove the green parts of the video. You can then use different images or videos on the removal part. This feature is the most useful for removing any background from videos. To use the Chroma Key on VN Mod Apk, you need to record a video with a green screen or overlays. It also provides some free overlays that are stunning.

Use Keyframe Animation on Video

vn video editor mod apk

The animation looks good, and the video needs animations. Today, it is difficult to create stunning animations without the help of third-party apps. Fortunately, VN Pro Mod Apk already provides you with keyframe animation options. So, you can easily create amazing animations using keyframes on this app for free.

You get the Keyframe option after clicking on the video or photo on the timeline. You can then create the animation using the Curve tool and select the path. The Keyframe animation tool can then be used on your video in this way.

Pre-Made Video Templates and Effects

The pre-made video templates are really great for making status videos or short stories. Even if you don’t know how to edit or make a video from scratch, you can use its templates to make a pro video. The first step is to choose the best templates and click on the download button. Then click on “Use Template” and upload the videos and photos from your phone. Select all the photos and videos and click Next. The app makes the video automatically now. Customize it by changing the text, cropping, or replacing any photo or video. After that, you can export the video in high-quality to your device.

A lot of effects and FX are also available for free with VN Mod Apk. When editing, you see all the effects below the timeline. If you click on any effect, you will see a preview. Once you have found the best effect, click on Apply to All. You also get a lot of beautiful animated transitions to use between video clips. So, if you want a free video editor with lots of stunning effects, download the VN video editor Pro Apk.

Add Music, Customize Background Music, and Voice Over

A video without music and sound is meaningless, so you should use proper music sound in your video. Any audio file can be imported to the timeline and customized for free with VN. The volume can be adjusted, the duration can be adjusted, the cut and paste can be done, etc.

In the timeline, you get the first option for the music, and when you tap on it, you get three options. The first thing you can do is add music from your phone, the second thing is to insert sound effects from the VN library, and the third thing is to record your voice. There are a lot of different types of sound effects available, such as Cartoon, Funny, Ringing, etc. Sound effects can easily be played and inserted into your video.

If you are a video content creator and want to voice over your video, you can use this app. After creating the video, you can record from a mic and it will be automatically added to the video. This feature is extremely helpful to all content creators.

Advanced Subtitle Tool

You can watch many videos with subtitles and create your own subtitles video with VN. It provides powerful and advanced software for subtitles, and you can easily add titles, slides, and text overlays to videos. You can also change the fonts, colors, and sizes of the text. Also, VN provides many beautiful subtitles presets for free. Create the perfect subtitles video on your device by setting the subtitles durations.

Use Text in Different Fonts and Colors

Especially for educational and informative videos, we sometimes need to add text to the video. The text tool is available in most video editors, and here you can add text with different fonts and colors. When you choose Text in the timeline, you will see some presets to choose from. After selecting a preset, you can alter the color, size, font, etc.

Apply Filters, Stickers, Emojis

vn mod apk premium unlock

When you open this app, you can see all of the filters in the Filters option. But VN doesn’t offer a lot of filters, stickers, and emojis. There are a few stickers and emojis included.

You can import stickers and emojis directly from your phone and use them on the video. So, you can easily import stickers and emojis whenever you need them.

Share your Project

It is very useful to be able to share projects with others using a computer, but it is only available on computers. However, VN makes it possible on mobile devices as well. You can share your video project with any user by using the VN Code. You can also share the project through different social media platforms. It is sometimes necessary to share our work with Clint or our friends. It is very convenient to share a video project with VN.

Export Video without Watermark

Vn Mod Apk Edit Your Video

Once you’ve finished editing and making the video, you’ll need to export the video. The video can then be viewed on any video player. Right? So, You will need VN MOD APK pro unlocked if you want to export the video without a watermark. This app comes with a watermark that you can’t remove for free in the free version. You need to have a premium subscription to use it. However, you can export high-definition videos without a watermark using this Mod Apk.

No Ads on App Interface

Ads are very annoying, but if you install them from the Play Store, you’ll see some on the app interface. There will always be a full-screen ad when you open the app. You should download and install VN Video Editor Mod Apk if you want an ad-free experience. The interface does not contain any ads. The interface does not contain any ads.

Unlock all Pro Features

There is no doubt that VN has become one of the most popular video editors. Millions of users use it to create awesome videos. The reason is that it provides all the necessary features for free. However, some advanced features are only available for premium users and cannot be used for free.

The VN Pro Apk must be downloaded if you are interested in using those pro features. It works great on all Android smartphones and is completely unlocked. This app lets you use all unlocked pro features without any limitations or restrictions after it has been installed.

How to Download VN Video Editor [VlogNow] Pro MOD APK and Install Successfully?

The search and download of the working VN MOD APK is not an easy task. It is because there are a lot of sites on the web that are providing the wrong app. There is no problem with the installation and it doesn’t work. So, we have tested our Mod Apk of VN on various devices and provided it on this page. It is very easy to use and you only need to click the download button to get it.

It must be installed after you complete the download. If you aren’t sure how to install Apk successfully, follow our step-by-step guide for help. Here it is.

  • Just open a browser and visit this page. Then click on the top download button.
  • When you complete the download, open File Manager and click on the Apk.
  • You may need to enable “Unknown Sources”, so click on Setting and enable it.
  • Then Tap on the back button and then you get the Install button.
  • Click on Install and wait a few seconds.

Congratulations! you are now ready to use VN MOD APK pro unlocked for free on your device.

VN Video Editor Apk Tutorial in Hindi | VN App Se Editing Kaise Karte Hai | No Watermark Video Editor

Vn Video Editor Tutorial in English For Beginners | No Watermark | Ads Free

The VN Video Editor is a very new video editor, and very few people know how to edit videos with it. To teach newbies, we have a video tutorial.

VN Video Editor MOD APK [Premium Unlock] Download

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V2.0.7 || 166MB

Some Screenshot Of Vn Editor Apk

Download VN Video Editor MOD APK

System Requirements

Your device must meet the minimum system requirements to get the smoothest and most stable performance when using this app. Your device can be checked here to see if it meets those requirements.


Octa-Core Processor with 2.0GHz Clock Speed [Recommended Snapdragon 710]


4GB or More




Above Android 5.0


Camera, Microphone, Location, Wi-Fi, Gallery, Phone Storage

What’s New?

  1. Watermark is removed.
  2. More transitions are added.
  3. Updated to the Latest Version 2.0.7
  4. Bugs have been fixed in the latest version
  5. Ultimately performance is enhanced.
  6. Individual support using official email ([email protected])
  7. You can now edit full-HD videos
  8. Smoother and lightweight
  9. Some changes in themes
  10. 1 more bug is fixed
  11. Now the app is error-free totally.
  12. irritating ads are also removed in the latest version Updated a few days back.
  13. You can easily contact officials for any query.
  14. Transition effects changes
  15. Now you can use VN code to share your work.
  16. Better support in this update.

People Also Ask [FAQ]

There are a lot of people who have questions and are searching for the right answer. So, here we answer some of the most common questions.

If you get the mod version of vn video editor, the watermark will be removed
You can easily use VN Video Editor MOD APK on your PC. The PC version is also available from VN, but you cannot access the pro unlocked features. Then you can use Mod Apk by installing Bluestacks.
It is possible to produce high-quality videos without watermarks. The original Apk exports the video with a watermark, but the Mod Apk exports all of your videos without it.
It is necessary to have an internet connection to download video templates, FX, and other effects. However, VN Video Editor Mod Apk works offline and all tools are functional. So, VN Video Editor Mod Apk works offline and all tools are functional.


Final Words About This Article

The purpose of this guide is to help you download VN Video Editor MOD APK with all its Pro Unlocked features. Furthermore, we discuss the best features that the app offers for free. I hope you enjoy this page and that you share it with your friends and on social media. 

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Which feature do you like best? Do you mean Keyframe Animations or No Watermark video export? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Keep checking this page for useful app updates. Thank you for visiting our website.

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